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By the Light of the Lord’s Prayer

ISBN: 9781853454523

This is a title like no other. It
has grown out of one man’s love for
and fascination with the Lord’s
Prayer. Chris Radley takes the
reader on a journey through his
personal experiences of this
passage of Scripture, showing how
God’s word can powerfully affect
and change lives. Although
providing some historical, literary
and theological information about
the prayer, Chris’s desire is that
this title is not read as a
textbook, but as an encouragement
and that his passion and excitement
may touch the reader and help them
in their personal walk with God.
The few words of the Lord’s Prayer
have been a light in many people’s
lives, framing their petitions to
their heavenly Father and helping
them to refocus their gaze on Him.Aythor: Chris Radley.

Publisher: CWR.

Number of Pages: 104


Price: £7.99

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Devotional And Bible Memory Plan For Kids

The Bible Promise Book A Devotional and Memory Plan for Kids features kid friendly devotions and practical Bible memory plans. Each of 52 Bible promise chapters features a brief devotional reading—with an emphasis on practical application followed by related Bible promises and an easy-to-follow plan for scripture memorization. Using three popular Bible translations—the King James Version, the New International Version, and the New Living Translation in a perfect way to fill young minds with God’s Word.

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