ICB Polka Dot Bible Pink

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ISBN: 9781400320714
This International Children's Bible comes in a pink-and-black polka dot colour scheme, complete with real ribbon embellishments and features that will help girls grow in a personal relationship with the Lord.. The polka dot ruffled ribbon cover will appeal to girls and tweens who enjoy style and who love God.
Features include; Presentation page; My favourite Bible verse; Bible Time line; How do I pray, how do I forgive; Names of God; Kids in the Bible; Dictionary of people, places and things in the Bible; Satin Ribbon Marker; Real ribbon embellishments pink-and-black polka dot on the cover; 24 pages of full colour inserts and maps and so much more!
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Thomas Nelson 2012
Ages: 7 to 12 years
Page: 1150


Price: £16.99

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