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Catholic Good News Bible

ISBN: 9780007202706
The Catholic Good News Bible offers the perfect combination of readable, authoritative Bible text, including the Apocrypha/Deuterocanonical Books, along with a unique range of extra features to help you get the most out of the Bible.
Featrures include; Apocrypha/Deuterocanonical Books, Quick search lists of Bible stories and key people; Where to find help when times are bad; Inspirational and devotional passages; Key cross references to similar passages; British English text.
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Bible Society
Pages: 1208

Price: £17.99

Children’s Ministry Resource Bible

ISBN: 9780840785077
A NKJV complete resource tool for teachers teaching children  Ages 5-12 years. The Children’s Ministry Resource Bible is developed in conjunction with Child Evangelism Fellowship and is filled with almost endless options for Bible study with children, whether at home, school, or church. It includes Teacher training section which helps to communicate important Bible lessons to young Children in a simple manner they can understand.
Book Format – Hardback
Publisher – Thomas Nelson (December 1993)
Pages: 1856

Price: £34.99

Good News Bible with Concordance

ISBN: 9780007166626
The Good News Bible is a reliable easy to read translation using modern English and suitable for people of all ages. A Bible perfect as a pew Bible or as a gift. Features include; Concordance and key cross references; Book introduction; Maps for both Old and New Testaments; Where to find help in the Bible.
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Bible Society 2015
Pages: 1438

Price: £18.99

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The Common English Bible Compact Thin Espresso

ISBN: 9781609260125
The CEB Compact Thin Bible highly portable and easy to carry. A fresh translation to touch the heart and mind.
Features include-: 118 leading Biblical scholars from 22 denominations; Double column format; 7 point type; Presentation Page; In text subject heading; 8 full colour maps; Ribbon Marker; Gift Boxed for giving.
Format – Imitation Leather
Publisher – Abingdon Press 2011
Pages: 1197

Price: £16.99

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The Message Old Testament Book of Moses

ISBN: 9781576831960
Eugene Peterson invites us to view our history up close and personal. In the Message Old Testament Books of Moses you will experience firsthand the trials and tribulations of humankind.. Written in direct passionate language this book transforms ancient stories into a vivid portrait of our past – that affects the way we live. So delve into the Books of Moses from Genesis through to Deuteronomy for a view of how God deals with sin and rebellion, how God worked through Moses to lead the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt and oppression and many more..
Author: Eugene H. Peterson
Format: Hardback
Publisher: NavPress (October 2001)
Pages: 350

Price: £19.99

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The Message Old Testament History Books

ISBN: 9781576831946
In The Message; Old Testament History Books written in contemporary language Eugene Peterson recounts the Bible’s historical books from Joshua through to Esther in a vivid easy to read contemporary language which brings these long ago events back to life in the present. we see Joshua a man of strength and courage lead the people of Israel to the promised land, how God weaves the life of Ruth into His plan of salvation and many more..
Author: Eugene H. Peterson
Format: Hardback
Publisher: NavPress (October 2000)
Pages: 483

Price: £19.99

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The Message Old Testament Prophets

ISBN: 9781576831953
In The Message Old Testament Prophets written in contemporary language from Isaiah through to Malachi, Eugene Peterson restores the passion and power of the prophets’ message to a generation that has become a bit too comfortable with God. The words of these prophets will cut through our hearts and open our eyes to see ourselves as God sees us and to see Him as He really is.
Author: Eugene H. Peterson
Format: Hardback
Publisher: NavPress (October 2000)
Pages: 585

Price: £19.99

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The Message: Compact Edition Purple

ISBN: 9781612915753
Written in modern contemporary language the Message Compact Edition is easy to carry around to school, work, for ministry purposes or even business trips and if fits comfortably in a briefcase, purse, or backpack. Features include: “The Bible Story in Five Acts”; Leather-look cover; Ribbon marker; Single-column format; The Message’s unique verse-numbering system; 7-point text size.
Author: Eugene H. Peterson
Format: Imitation Leather
Publisher: NavPress (October 2013)
Edition: Compact Leather-Look Edition
Pages: 1440

Price: £16.50

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