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101 Facts about Christianity You Should Know

ISBN: 9781616263607.

Christendom is filled with people, places, and events you should know—and here are 101 brief summaries
to bring those key facts to life. 101 Facts About Christianity You Should Know covers the early church through the 21st century, featuring key people, places, events, songs, and books. Useful for personal or
group reading. 101 Facts About Christianity You Should Know provides the information you need in a style you’ll enjoy. 101 Facts About Christianity is a fine collection of knowledge, very much recommended for those who want to learn about the more unusual aspect of the Christian faith.
Author: Rebecca Currington and Susan Duke
Format: Paperback.
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Pages 224.

Price: £8.99

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12-Month Guide To Better Prayer

ISBN: 9781620297315.

Prayer is simply talking with God – yet even the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray. Since then, godly men and women have elaborated on “the Lord’s prayer” to help others find union and intimacy with God – and their most insightful comments are included in A 12-Month Guide to Better Prayer. Featuring the words of giants of the faith-life such as Andrew Murray, E. M. Bounds, Charles Spurgeon, and Hannah Whitall Smith, it’s arranged into 12 key topics, ideal for use as a one-year prayer guide.
Format: Imitation Leather:
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Pages: 158

Price: £7.99

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60 Things God said about Sex

ISBN: 9780883687703

Sex is a gift from God. The Bible candidly deals with sex (more so than many modern sex manuals!), and sixty things God said about sex is forthright in presenting the biblical view of sex as a gift from God.
Author: Lester Sumrall
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Whitaker House (April 2006)
Pages: 141

Price: £7.50

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A Little Book of Prayers for Parents

ISBN: 9781903921159

This little book is to help parents This little book is to help parents pray for their children. One of the greatest gift we can give our children is the gift of prayer asking God to do what we are unable to do. The Bible texts and prayers covers the sort of things we want our children to experience. Parents can carry the little book at any time and search for appropriate prayers and Bible promises for their children.
Author: Mary Barrett 
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Autumn House (Mar 2004)
Pages 125

Price: £1.99

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At the Heart of Every Great Father

ISBN: 9781576732137
At the Heart of Every Great Father: Finding the Heart of Jesus. Love, patience, gentleness, faithfulness, self-control….the fruits of the Spirit, great qualities that can be found in every great father and the One who produces that fruit in us is the One who is At the Heart of Every Great Father. Clark Cothern shows dads how to be truly great fathers-no matter how old their kids are-by allowing the Father to cultivate His character in them. Powerful, straight-talking stories in each chapter are guaranteed to grab men’s attention, entertain them, and inspire them to be better dads by actually showing not just describing great fathering in action.
Author: Clark Cothern
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Multnomah Press
Number of pages: 204

Price: £10.99

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By the Light of the Lord’s Prayer

ISBN: 9781853454523
This is a title like no other. It has grown out of one man’s love for and fascination with the Lord’s
Prayer. Chris Radley takes the reader on a journey through his personal experiences of this passage of Scripture, showing how God’s word can powerfully affect and change lives. Although providing some historical, literary and theological information about the prayer, Chris’s desire is that
this title is not read as a textbook, but as an encouragement and that his passion and excitement may touch the reader and help them in their personal walk with God.
Author: Chris Radley.
Publisher: CWR.
Pages: 104

Price: £7.99

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Developing the Leader Within You

ISBN: 9780785281122.
John Maxwell shows readers how to develop the vision, value, influence and motivation required of successful leaders. This motivational book allows readers to examine how to be effective in the highest calling of leadership.
Author: John C Maxwell
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Thomas Nelson 2005
Pages: 208

Price: £0.00

God’s Little Book of Joy

ISBN: 9780007528363
Small and compact, this pocket size gift book – God’s Little Book of Joy celebrates the joys that surround us, and highlights sources of joy even in hard times. The book features inspiring thoughts and quotes, with background illustrations and references to relevant Bible passages for further reading and encouragement. Quotes are from a variety of sources and include contributions from well-known figures like Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King.
Author: Richard Daly
Format: Paperback
Publisher: William Collins 2013
Pages: 160

Price: £4.99

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God’s Little Book of Love

ISBN: 9780007528370
Small and compact, this pocket size gift book – God’s Little Book of Love celebrates the wonder of love and inspires us to look at each other with love. It is love, indeed that makes the world go round. Anyone can make a difference, even if it is with just one person at a time. This small volume is designed to provide a few ideas and thoughts to help you make a positive difference in somebody’s life.
Author: Richard Daly
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Williams Collins 2013
Pages: 160

Price: £4.99

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